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Someone who hovers mentally between being a moron and a retard.
Where did you come up with that idea, mortard?
by Stukin Cubicle October 16, 2006
The combination of a moron and a retard.
Joe: I can't believe someone actually let Rebecca Black's song "Friday" air.

Jesse: The producer was a mortard.
by Khandali July 14, 2011
Someone who spams mortar shells in Battlefield 4
Those mortards are a relentless at attacking the base
by asus 1090t March 03, 2014
A word that is in use for when you can't cuss and your at school a word me and my bf made up a word I'll never forget
Your such a mortard
by kyleeluvsu January 31, 2015
A spectacular combination of "moron" and "retard". Used only to describe the lowest of human filth. If you're called a mortard, you are basically worthless in the eyes of humanity. Originally created by the legendary J-dog F.
Joe: If I put a banana in water, will it explode?
Mike: Jesus you are a fucking Mortard.
Joe: Oh.
by SpectreLegion May 10, 2016
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