When you live in close accomadation with friends and you're having sex with a girl, before she is about to come, you shout "Mortal Kombat?" and your boys shout, "FINISH HER!!!"
through the walls.
Girl: Oh Baby, OH BABY!
Guy: Mortal Kombat!?
Room-Mates: FINISH HER!!
by speedmetal99 December 19, 2010
when one is haveing sex with their partner and has a freind hiding some were in the room and when you pull out and you yell "MORTAL KOMBAT" and he goes "FINISH HER" and you proceed to cum in her face
by bob j sam June 11, 2010
The mixture of two different drugs, being Mephedrone (Mortal) and Ketamine (kombat), equalling a wobbly k-hole euphoria feeling
"Let's Mortal Kombat it tonight!" mephedrone and ketamine mixed together and done either in the form of: lines, bumps, bombs or smoked
by Freshkentt. May 18, 2010
The best fighting game ever. Famous for it's blood, gore, and fatalities. The game that caused the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).
Mortal Kombat is an awesome fighting game.
by DarkBladeWolf September 24, 2006
Badass fighting video game with so much blood and guts it was almost banned from North America.
Joe Lieberman wanted to BAN Mortal Kombat.
by FoolishCat December 22, 2004
A popular one-on-one fighting game developed in the USA first released on the arcade in the early 90's. One of the first games that featured digitized graphics and actors (now extinct form of graphics). Mortal Kombat was developed by Ed Boon and his partner John Tobias (later joined Ed). This game also featured excessive amounts of blood, gore, and violence. That scored serious controversy. When the game was going to be released on the home consoles, matters got worse. Feminists and liberals began to fight the game actively. Feminists blamed the game for violence towards women and liberals blamed the game for excessive violence being shown to children. A group called the Entertainment Software Ratings Board was then developed because of the violence. The founder, democrat senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut. Mortal Kombat was so popular, many sequels and spin offs were made. Distinctive characters include; Liu Kang (a shaolin monk with black hair who looks like Bruce Lee and practices martial arts), Sonya Blade (a military woman), Kano (a bald criminal with a cybernetic eye. He throws knives), Raiden (sometimes spelled Rayden, a thunder god), Johnny Cage (an actor who kicks and shoots green energy spheres from his arms), Scorpion (a yellow ninja who breathes fire and fires a spear from his hand), Sub-Zero (a blue warrior, who belongs to the Lin-Kuei with the ability to freeze his opponents), Shang-Tsung (a sorceror with the ability to morph into other characters), Goro (a four armed monster) and Reptile (a hidden Green warrior, one can fight him at the bottom of the pit. He mimics the moves of Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Later in the series, he gained his own moves), just to name a few.
(Scorpion impales Liu Kang with spear)
Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!!!
(Upper cuts Liu Kang)
Liu Kang: WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
(Liu Kang flying kicks Scorpion, launching Scorpion backwards)
by rbxfromdashow August 24, 2004
First fighting game I ever played at the age of 7 on SNES.

Mortal Kombat 3 had cool characters.
Mortal Kombat Annihilation was a shitty movie.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 22, 2003

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