The art of first embarrassing, then finishing off the one you're fucking, after you first have already ejaculated.
Only works if done while using the two key phrases: "mortal kombat" and "finish them/him/her".
"As he was coming he yelled: MORTAL KOMBAT! At the top of his lungs, and through the wall I could hear his roommates yell back: Finish Her!"
by SLO Bump April 02, 2010
When fucking a girl from behind, right before you cum you pull out, yell "FINISH HER!", stick it in her ass, and bust a load.
I was banging a chick and I gave her the mortal kombat.
by siliconefeelings January 09, 2011
1) girl is going down on guy
2) guy is about to cum
3) guy screams MORTAL KOMBAT !!!
4) girl looks up to see why he screams that
5) guy cums in girls face
6) guy puts hands together, bows and says "..fatality"
7) guy laughs and probably starts running
"a chick was going down on me and just as i was about to nut, I yelled MORTAL KOMBAT. She got a facial and i said in a Darth Vader voice .... fatality"
by ... nobody June 03, 2007
aggressive masterbation; playing with one's self; releashing fury of pleasure
"Ready for some mortal kombat?"
"damn, i've been playing mortal kombat all day. my hand is sore"
by ChauMaster March 08, 2005
Mortal Kombat (verb) :- To chain a succession of sexual finishers that run in a specific order:

1) A Donkey Punch
2) Angry Pirate
3) Spiderman
4) Strawberry Milkshake
5) Pearl Necklace
6) Frosty Hitler
7) Superman Punch

In essence, one is "finishing" one's opponent.

"Yeah, Steven I Mortal Kombated that bitch last night."

"That slut is so into Mortal Kombat."
by jpcymru July 14, 2009
When you live in close accomadation with friends and you're having sex with a girl, before she is about to come, you shout "Mortal Kombat?" and your boys shout, "FINISH HER!!!"
through the walls.
Girl: Oh Baby, OH BABY!
Guy: Mortal Kombat!?
Room-Mates: FINISH HER!!
by speedmetal99 December 19, 2010
Badass fighting video game with so much blood and guts it was almost banned from North America.
Joe Lieberman wanted to BAN Mortal Kombat.
by FoolishCat December 22, 2004
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