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Located in PH, SD aka the Skyline area. Morse heads are infamous for their parties, drink ups, inappropriate swanging, daily fights, gang banging, auxiliary, and biracial community. About 5 white kids total, predominately Filipinos. The only school with an auxiliary team! Teachers aren't the best, which is the cause of LOW test scores. Beats Lincoln, Suhi, and all the other schools in the Sweetwater district's asses. Tiger Pride!
yeah ima go down to Morse High School, hope I don't get shot.

See her dancing? She a Morse head.
by gust0 December 05, 2009
A high school located in beautiful Bath, Maine. Consisting of around 800 students. The school burnt down once in the 1800's. The school mascot is the Shipbuilder in reference to Bath Iron Works. The school colors are white and royal blue. The main cliques in the school are hicks, athletes, intelligent kids, artsy kids, and music kids.
Mark: Look at that hick!

Billy: Oh yeah he goes to Morse High School. NBD
by iluvbabies4lyfe December 21, 2010
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