In simple terms, Life.
Quit Morrowind?
Yes No

Translated in commontounge:
Quit Life?
Yes No

by Clifford J Jorgenson December 06, 2005
Damn cool game. The main reason i failed 10th grade, since I spent the entire year shut in the basement with Morrowind.
"Are you doing your homework?"

"Yes Mom!... Ooh, Golden Saint. Soul trapping time."
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 24, 2004
Best fucking game ever...
My first character ended the game a level 110
by X-S~ June 27, 2004
Morrowind, the addictive, real world destroying, imagination enhancing game mostly played by men. (Age ranging from 13-30) It is full of amazing items, creatures, people and plants to capture and completely destroy the human mind. (Orcs are too stupid to be affected.)

Playing Morrowind for more then five hours is dangerous and could become addictive, if such happens seek help immediately, if you are to busy leveling up your long blade and speech craft skills by taunting the guards then you are lost to the world and the world is lost to you.
How to tell a Morrowind player from normal people:

Scenario: You are shopping at your local super market and you happen by strange looking young man with nothing but short pants and a shirt who is crouching slightly by the chips section of the super market you stare at him for a moment or two before he stands up looking confused and looks around at you before murmuring to himself. "I wondered why the sneak icon wouldn't come up..."
by Scenic Dark June 06, 2006
A way cool RPG for Xbox and PC
Morrowind is the best thing since buttered toast.
by UISjackolope April 30, 2003
A dusty world of alien experiences, among the Dark Elves...where tiresome irritants like friends, family, and reality are hardly even relevant. A true Morrowind player will ignore pests like spouses and parents, who do not understand who vital it is to be named the Nerevarine!
"My girlfriend moaned about Morrowind, so I dumped her for sexy Ranis at the Mage Guild."
by Curt Sibling December 17, 2007
A game that is capable of re-shaping your life in such a way that you will constantly get laid.
Yeah, man. Let me hit you up on some Morrowind; after a few bouts with cliff-racers in the Ashlands, you'll be hittin' it with the lady-types in no time, my brother.
by Shatai November 14, 2004

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