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The public high school in Morristown, New Jersey housing students from Morris Plains, Morris Township, Morristown and Convent Station. Upon entering Morristown High the ratio of douchebag to oxygen particles is nearly 3:1 as they swagger the halls in their new Ralph Lauren polo, pleated khakis, bright short shorts, boat shoes, mid calves and vineyard vines accesories. The mhs douchebag goes hand in hand with try hard as they leave gym class kickball drenched in sweat because thats how they relieve all of their stress they have from the fact they dont attend prep schools like Delbarton and Seton Hall. Binge drinking is also a popular stress reliever for the mhs douchebag with hopes of getting a female douchebag wasted enough to eat her out in her parents bedroom. Although the mhs douchebag maintains a high gpa and has diverse extracurricular activities, intelligence and actual skills are little to none. The other two tenths of mhs consist of teachers who fret over pointless subjects as well as some who just dont give a fuck, newly imigrated spanish kids, stoners, ghetto kids, and of course the yogurts.
Ex 1:

Kid 1: im shadowing at morristown high school tomorrow!

Kid 2: you better wear your short shorts, polo, mid calves and boat shoes or the yogurts might mistake you for one of them

Ex 2:

Mhs douchebag 1: do you like my new raybans hanging from my vineyard vines lanyerd?

Mhs douchebag 2: hell yeah they compliment your high socks with boat shoes

Both: were fucking bros
by oliver is so davo April 30, 2013
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