Established 1953, Better than 1964.

Part of the Morris Hills Regional District, and the better half. Unlike the its sister school, Morris Knolls, which is a major steroid user (Hence Championships), as well as drug school. All retarded kids are sent to Morris Knolls too, hence the Special Ed programs that they need. Morris Hills is much older, as well as cooler. Morris Hills has more popular students, real sports teams (Morris Knolls needs steroids), Smarter kids(All extremely stupid sped kids are transferred to Morris Knolls), Morris Hills is not infested with a bunch of snobby guidos like its sister school Morris Knolls either.

MK=Guidos, Snobs, Steroids, Drugs, Crappy football teams, and ugly chicks.

MH=Better Sports teams, nationally ranked cross country team, state swimming, tennis and softball teams, better than knolls football team, the greatest marching band ever even though no one cares.

If Morris Knolls was better, Wouldnt it be the Morris Knolls Regional District?
Morris Knolls= Rusty Toyota
Morris Hills=Lamborghini.
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Morris Hills High School is located in Rockaway, NJ and is a part of the Morris Hills Regional District, along with Morris Knolls. Students from Rockaway Borough, Wharton, and White Meadow Lake attend Hills.

Morris Hills is known as the poor school compared to Knolls, but that's because the parents of the students at Knolls pay for everything. At Hills, the students are a lot less snobby than the preppies at Knolls and far more open-minded. Plus, Hills has a better track and cross country team, although no one really seems to care about these sports.

Hills has a remarkable percentage of Hispanic students. Many of the students try to act all gangsta, but appear as idiots because it's obvious that real gangsters don't live in small, suburban towns. There's also a massive population of stoners and the school has tried unsuccessfully to stop the drug problem by having monthly random locker/bag searches. Unfortunately for the administration, they're completely incompetent and incapable of outsmarting the stoners.

The school's administration currently consists of Joe Cacciaguida (principal), Marie Giantomasi (assistant principal), Bob Merle (assistant principal), Todd Toriello (assistant principal), and Rob Haraka. All are pretty cool except for Giantomasi, who is better known as Gianto-Nazi for obvious reasons.
Morris Knolls = snobby rich brats, ugly sluts, Nazi administration, bitchy teachers, special ed students, and egotistical idiots.

Morris Hills = better track team, laxer system, nicer people, more entertainment via fights, and that guy that captured Saddam Hussein.

Hills > Knolls
by KerryL March 31, 2007

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