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Contraction of moron.
Keith is such a morn.
by Ike February 19, 2004
9 29
The morning. I'm bringing 'morn' back!
"This fair morn"
by Ooooh...ravioli! June 16, 2009
22 7
When a vagina morphs into a human eating alien thats like a snake only it grows super big and has sharp teeth
She morned as the neighborhood boy kissed her collarbone.
by theallycracker February 21, 2014
2 1
This is cross between mommy and porn. Specifically related to books.
For example, "50 Shades of Gray" is considered mommy-porn hence the word morn. It has a double meaning. It's kind of sad that mommies read this, but it's not spelled like "mourn" as in mourning. It's "morn" to make it funny.
by Ceridwen77 February 20, 2014
1 2
How you say hi in Norwegain.
Morn! Hvordan har du det?
by Muhahahanafawnabanana October 15, 2005
9 12
short for: moron. means itiot
you are a fucking morn.
by Darin August 03, 2004
3 18