from latin Morkus, meaning asshole or shmuck,
also adj. meaning extremely smart but lacking in social sense
youre such a mork!!!!
by mork February 28, 2005
Similar to the "shocker," the "Mork" involves inserting the first two fingers (index and ring fingers)into a female's vaginal opening while the third and fourth fingers (ring and pinky fingers) are inserted into the female's anal opening, all the while repeating the words, "nanu, nanu..." in a "Mork-like" voice.
"Hello dearest, I have a "Mork" for you. Nanu, nanu!!!
n. - morker, morkee
vt. - morks, morking, morked
by Tentius August 22, 2003
i was thinking that calling a girl a whales penis was a little wierd so i was like whats a whale vagina? and came up with the word mork, instead of dork.
"jessica your such a mork"
"well if im a dork than that makes you a mork"
by Hackmed August 30, 2005

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