Short for mudcork. A plug of solid or semi-solid shit which is holding back a flood of Mississippi mud in your bowels. Usually followed by the never-ending wipe.
Once I popped my mork, I couldn't leave the toilet for an hour.
by b1g December 01, 2007
n. someone who is completely witless. a low level nincompoop who rarely sees things in perspective. Shallower than the dead sea and perchance saltier too...
wrong lane mork, you just bowled allen a gutterball...
by Alex Johansson September 28, 2006
One of the two Warhammer Orc gods. Constantly warring with sibling, Gork.
The known warhammer gods are: Gork, an Orcish warrior god; Mork, another Orc deity; Nurgle, lord of decay; Slaanesh, seductive prince of Chaos; Khorne, The Bloodletter; and Tzeentch, god of chaotic change.
by Warhammer Nerd March 27, 2004
hairstyle emulated by the extremely fashionable. consists of a bun on top of the head, the bigger the better.

said in low tones, a way of calling the attention of someone with said hairstyle, only those with the hairstyle can respond.
"Wow, you're mork looks amazing!"

by mooooooooork April 21, 2008
A combination of a Moron and a Dork. Just as a Lork is a Loser and a Dork.
That guy Demian is a such a mork.
by Rolland July 30, 2005
to eat. to pig out. to be a fatass. eat excess amounts of food.
Ryan: i really wanna go mork on some mcds
Shannon: you definetly should go mork then
by mantlegrl7 September 01, 2010
A variation of the shocker sexual act. In this instance, one places two fingers in the female's vagina and TWO fingers (as opposed to one) in the anus. From the TV character Mork from Ork (Played by Robin Williams) who would salute with the fingers placed in the Mork position.
Dude, she wanted me to give her the shocker, but instead I Morked her and said "NaNu NaNu".
by Walter Paisley September 26, 2008

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