A man orgy - a term to describe an event where a group of males congregate at another's house to maybe, smoke cannabis, get drunk, play games consoles and initiate Manferences.
Yo, mines free, morgy at mine. bring some cro.
by South London Cro Smoker January 20, 2011
Top Definition
The word morgy is often used to describe someone of extreme beauty. Morgy comes from the latin word "morga" which means beauty. People commonly use the word morgy as english people use the word "fit"
"woah did you see that girl?, she was well morgy"
by morrgie July 22, 2008
Morgy- An orgy invoving someone by the name of Morgan.
Morgan had a morgy last night.
by Kira~chan March 11, 2009
A sexual experience involving more than 3 Mormon girls. Commonly found at BYU and its satellite campuses. Not to include one Mormon husband with his many wives but only more than three single Mormon girls who are sluts.
I went to the BYU campus last weekend and ended up at a morgy.
by Pierrejuanstien February 15, 2015
An orgy had by a female named Morgen,
Morgasm, whore, easy, cant stop having sex
by Matt August 24, 2004
An adopted person of Latin origin, (usually Colombian), who is raised Anglo-American, (most notably Italian-Irish), and subsequently develops absolutely no understanding of any languages widely associated with Latin people, i.e. Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc, but instead develops a thick, baritone Boston accent, which spawns from years of adolescent life in Woburn, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Although genuinely loyal, ethical, and generous amongst family, friends, and business cronies, these types are ingenuously miserly, scheming, and treacherous amongst enemies, competition, and those not of relation; furthermore, excelling in careers that value an unscrupulous nature, such as law, politics, or salesmanship.

Commonly trapped into loveless relationships involving a stupid dog and a house in Lutz, morgies are often mistaken as thugs, ruffians, or gangsters due to their deep, distinct, insidious laughs, chronic blunt smoking, and wardrobe, consisting entirely of Boston Red sox hats and polo shirts worn un-tucked above a pair of slacks and Italian leather shoes.
Half-stoned, sporting a brand-new polo shirt, un-tucked, with matching blue Bo-Sox cap, slacks and Italian leather shoes, the confident salesman inadvertently pulled a morgy, sharply turning his motives from closing the deal to one of vengeful retaliation, generated from a question his client asked of him in a foreign tongue “¿Es usted un gángster?”
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 03, 2007
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