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the most random city in all of mexico also has a great history of the days of the independence and of violence.
the grenade attack of 2010 in morelia happened just outside of the place of the first conspiration against spain.
by chavis54 December 31, 2011
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A really generouse girl. Very shy at times but once you get to know her you'll fall in love. Puts everyone first and is really nice. Has a weird sense of style that everyone admires. Loves long walks while blasting her music. Has an amazing personality. Always makes you smile. Usually has colored hair like blue, pink, purple etc. and has a thing for cats.
You see that girl?
-The one with the blue hair?
Yess, she's so cool I wanna be her friend!
- yea she's mad chill
You know her? xO
-yea that's Morelia
by Your mom is hawtt February 12, 2014
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