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Implying that this "pimp" get's more action than you could ever imagine. Often used by poseurs, and white people that can't rap.* Perfect comeback- You get as much ass as a urinal. Snap.

*Just kidding.
<Idiot> Your gay.
<Not an idiot> You've probably never even made out with anyone.
<Idiot> You kiddin'? I get more ass than a toilet seat.
<Not an idiot> Yeah, right. You get as much ass as a urinal.
<Idiot> Your gay.
by Sw0rdPh1sh September 11, 2006
a)used to explain how much ass someone gets; how much they get laid
b)this phrase is used in eminems popular "shake that"
Man, Brenda did me 3 times today! Lately ive been getting more ass than a toilet seat!
by swimma101 May 27, 2006
you're getting more action than a public toilet seat. you are definitely pimpin' with the ladies
Ramon is so cool and suave with them Swedish girls - he gets more ass than a toilet seat.
by Pimpmeister April 28, 2006
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