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A new smackdown supertar who most likely is going to be the new replacement of the Undertaker when he retires. Smackdown always has a "scary wrestler" that tends to always win.
Mordecai!!! Raise the cross!
by -=Sephiroth=- May 26, 2004
12 35
Main Character of Regular Show(Cartoon Network;New Episodes Monday Nights at 9). With his best friend Rigby,he lives his regular life trying to do fun things.
Hey man, did you see Regular Show last night?Mordecai is the sugar honey iced tea!!!
by Regular Show Rocks February 11, 2011
157 60
A Jew of the tribe of Benjamin who helped avert Haman's attempt at a holocaust.
Mordecai then replaced Haman as Vizier.
by Korora February 12, 2004
60 27
One who is a warrior. From a warrior descent. Also a pretty badass middle name.
there goes Mordecai cutting those guys heads off! that bro is one hell of a Warrior!
by Warrior728 November 02, 2009
26 25
New WWE wrestler who calls himself the Pale Rider and Right Hand of the Father.
Mordecai is NOT an Undertaker ripoff.
by Kain May 23, 2004
31 34
born handsome
by mordecai July 20, 2003
43 49