Moral implies making a sacrafice for a long term goal. It doesn't imply any specific code but just any code. A moral person could challenge and take down the Christian church.
by 333 October 18, 2003
throwing stuff out the window is a felony, though
E123: so i would still be thowing something out the window
E123: i am a moral person
by tim March 15, 2003
Morals, what do we as humans know of what morals are. We know absolutley nothing besides what the bible gives us. Morals are not DOING GOOD THINGS UNTO OTHERS or trying to do good in the world. Morals are a strict code you set up for yourself to follow. Something you wont and cannot break. MORALS are something you develope or DO NOT DEVELOPE over time. Sadly, many men and women now adays have not developed any morals and are like animals, here to breed and prey on their natural instincts.
Zane: Micah, where have todays morals gone

Micah: To hell in a handbasket. Hopefully God will avenge his morals that no one has any more and people will eventually get the point.
life is about sex. anything else, is secondary. a person doesn't "choose" not to wear a condom, he/she has no choice it's involuntary. from there, the abortion clinic, what do people who didn't have to go through what the couple are going to think? they think that there is something wrong with them and thus "immoral" suddenly, at that point, a term was made up in their heads, called morality, to justify them going to the abortion clinic. so how do you justifiy that couple going to the abortion clinic, YOU DON'T, life is about randomness. life develops from disorder, chaos from the beginning, and life ends that way. if everyone accepted that fact however, we would not have a society, we would just be animals, so in essence, it is a paradox. morals are a paradox.
fuck morals, yeah fuck ourselves to death.
by matt s August 10, 2004
1. An illusion used as a scare tactic for small children.
2. Over-rated!
*Opens Playboy*
by Fortune May 21, 2004
Things that make weak people bend over and take it in the rear from society.

Fuck 'em.
Guy 1: Let's go steal shit.
Guy 2: Nooo, that's baaaad. We shouldn't. Think of the morals!!!

Guy 1 shoots Guy 2.
by apfunction January 12, 2010
The hell is a moral?
Society-???????????? ?????????????????????
by Society November 02, 2004

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