When a sexist man yells at his wife for missing an opportunity to clean the house.
That was a missed mopportunity, Jane! I bring home the bacon, and you clean! Eveything has it's place!
by technicolorwordvomit July 12, 2009
Top Definition
adj; A dead end employment opportunity, usually referring to custodial or food services.
"I heard you took that custodial job on campus."

"Yeah, turns out to be a pretty good mopportunity."
by CDuFF105 July 27, 2008
The optimistic way to view accidents as oppertunities, such as a broken window being easier ventilation.
From the combination of mop and opportunity as a spillage is nothing but a mopping opportunity.
'Aww fuck, i just spilled this odd blue liquid from sanitary towel commercials on the floor'
'that's no accident, it's a MOPPORTUNITY!'
by prof. tarquin von ramadan January 28, 2009
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