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A half-black, half-mexican shemale.
"wow, that huge blaxican women with the big dick buldge must a Mooty"
by Coopshow July 13, 2008
14 31
It is a large backside on a man.
As a woman, it is referred to as a Booty; however, because it is on a man, the "m" from "man" replaces the "b" in "booty" - a man-booty ...a mooty.
Randy: You're lookin hot tonight Sharron!
Sharron: So do you gorgeous, now bring me some of that mooty!
by TheFoxy July 27, 2010
9 25
having exactly 2 things in commen with a moose, no more, no less. have a big nose, not mooty are hairy, stand on 4 legs, and have a big nose, not mooty have brown hair and sometimes shout out MOOSE!, your mooty!!!!
by [squin] January 24, 2004
8 35