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Morbid Obesity Of The Head = Beyond stupid, a new word for someone who displays a shocking, awe inspiring level of stupidity in any aspect of life, usually displayed online in some way.
Simple spelling mistakes especially in signage or placards being used in public, posts anywhere online which display the kind of stupidity that makes everyone else ashamed to be human, whether it be not wanting to have children now that the world has lost Michael Jackson, videoing yourself acting out said stupidity or taking a picture of yourself in a compromising position and allowing it to be archived online for the world to screw with, forever = Mooth

I think that covers it :P
by [Nks] June 30, 2009
a hard apple
the mooth hung from the old tree
by mahlon (age 4 1/2) March 18, 2004
Scots for mouth
shut yer big fat mooth!
by david December 22, 2003
Term used in the West of Scotland with regards to a gentleman recieving oral sex from a lady.
Last night ah goat some mooth aff a lassie!
by Scoosh October 14, 2010
Can be used as a replacement for any other word in the English language, in the same way that a Joker can replace any other card in a game of cards.

Rhymes with "booth".

Origin: Typo of the word "smooth" (by Santana and Rob Thomas) on an internet song list.
Can you please pass me that mooth over there?

You've got to be moothing me.

Mooth on over, will you?

by Frum Funky Fab(Slightly Eidel) September 10, 2008
DemiGod figure or person; figure of authority
when the popo took ALL my weed, I knew who was the Mooth
by Flamin' Raymond Green July 17, 2008
A gathering usually esoteric or sexual in nature
The pictures at tonight's mooth were very enlightening
by Flamin' Raymond Green July 17, 2008

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