get out the way!
Moosh fatass!
by sid malana January 29, 2004
Drew. Whatever. A self proclaimed mosher, one who says they mosh, but they dont really mosh. Like, if they have a shirt that says M*O*S*H (pertaining to old show, M*A*S*H) but really, is afraid of a little elbow jabbed in the throat. That is a Moosher.
Drew: "I love to mosh."
You: "Really, whats your worst mosh injury?"
Drew: "Uhm... I got a scab on my elbow when I tripped on a beer can."
You: "Have you ever actually moshed?"
You: "Loser.You're such a freaking MOOSHER!"
by Helsinki Macbeth August 30, 2006
(v.) to have anal sex with lots of lubrication and anal fluid involved to an extent at which a loud clicking/sucking sound is heard
Teddy and I mooshed all night long. Afterwards my cock was dripping wet and sore.
by mooshmaster April 11, 2003
An extended, luxurious and celebratory male masturbation session with extended orgasm and delayed or no ejaculation. A moosh often includes some or all of the following: erotic movies, massage oil, incense, kord device, butt plug or anal dildo, special music, marijuana.
Jack: Are you coming to the pub with me and Martin?
Max: No, I'm off home for a moosh. Catch you guys later.
by Max Joy July 12, 2008
A term to describe when Olga Kay has just been ass raped on You Tube, or when Olga Kay was just had a train run up her ass by a frat house. Olga Kay the You Tube cum guzzling,sperm burping,sword swallowing whore well known for these mooshing activites. Her stupid feline friend MUSHKA is a rabies infested piece of fucking shit that is going to rot in hell thanks to her. If she keeps up all this mooshing you'll be able to stick a basketball up her reamed out knothole, fucking piece of shit that she is,not to be critical just sayin.
girl 1 :Olga Kay just went over to the frat house to get her moosh on.

girl 2 : Damn, that bitch is all kinds of a filty dirty whore.

dude 1 : Did you just say Olga Kay went to the frat house?

girl 1 : yep

dude 1 : Fuck she just had a train run on her ass down at the park by some gangbangers.

girl 2 : The bitch is a cum slut anal whore, not to be critical.

dude 2 : Maybe now she'll stop submitting moosh and making up stupid defs for her gay ass pretend word, dunb cunt.
by moosh hater April 23, 2010
A strange animal. Nearly extinct. It says "moosh" before it mates. It's very beautiful and illusive. A very special song to call upon suitors. Do not disturb, under any circumstances, when viewing the Moosh in the wild.
A and A are the last remaining Mooshes on the planet.
by Moosh2 August 22, 2008
1. Go! A command which Inuits shout at their huskies.

2. British synonym for "mate" or "bruv", generally used by twats who are not your mate but want something off you.
"We've gotta get these supplies to Alaska by sundown, so c'mon - MOOSH! MOOSH!"

"Gotta fag, moosh? Cheers, moosh. See ya later, moosh."
by Will_A August 18, 2005

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