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A male organ for procreation and the extreme pleasure of women, which is extremely unorthodoxed in size and unparralleled in girth.
The Buffasella has been known to seriously injure and finish women with the MOOSE-cock.
by Tyranny "got-fingered" Hack November 03, 2003
20 41
Nickname for K-10 when playing poker.

Although questions have sprung up which is which, it is widely accepted that the K is the moose and the 10 is the cock.

"I got suited moosecock, alllllll in"

"Moosecock prevails"
by Steve K wussup June 29, 2009
47 9
An indescribable amount of suckage.
Man, that exam sucked big hairy moose cock!!!
by dlogcher February 21, 2006
85 48
an incredibly large man piece; similar to 'hung like a horse'
wanker 1: "toby has a fucking moose cock"

wanker 2: "he is the ugliest kid on the planet, god had to make up for it somehow"

wanker 1: "atleast he has a shot in the porn industry"
by john December 25, 2004
57 36
what an asshole calls an asshole
A guy who has risen above the level of douchebag, it also covers random normal asshole who's action leaves you speechless...that is a moosecock
by July 12, 2011
6 2
In the sport Disc Golf (Frisbee Golf) you shoot a plastic disc to a basket. Flat, hill, forest,ect. any type of terrain. Occasionally your disc will hit a tree, and sometimes if not most, it will hit a big branch poking out of the side of the tree. That is a Moose Cock. A big leafless tree branch.
I almost made it through those trees, but that moose cock knocked my disc down.
by Jonny Hyzer December 09, 2010
10 6
A Canadian's favorite food
Hey Honey why don't you fry me up some of that Moose Cock for supper?
by know the toe September 19, 2003
31 44
that is the biggest moose cock story I heard
jimmy was telling his how the window got broke and Dad replies " the the biggest moose cock story I ever heard !!"
by dionysis October 23, 2003
22 38