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The male version of "camel toe". When one's testicles are clearly visible through the pants and undergarments. When a man's package is not contained by his garments.
Did you see the moose foot on that Ed Barrick guy?!
by Young Jedi May 05, 2005
Where a womans under garmets ride up their vaginal area. Similar to the camel toe.
Dude that hick has a mad moose foot happening
by Kayla baby June 11, 2008
The male equivalent of a camel toe.
When the seam of a mans shorts or pants are so tight, that it goes up into his ballsack, seperating his testicles to each side of his crotch, making it resemble a moose's foot, when viewed from the front.
"Hahaha dude, Scott has the biggest camel toe right now."

"No dude!!! ... It's my moose foot."