Originated by GI's in Japan. Moose is GI slang for the Japanese word Musumei which means girl. Some Japanese girls use it as slang for theri vagina.

Properly spelled Musu

My wife is Japanese this usage goes back 60 years
GI to another "You should see my little moose".
by Otiose January 30, 2008
1. a large, tall or heavy person of either gender: a fat and/or homely woman should be more properly called a 'cow' (conventional slang)
2. any large animal or thing (colloquial)
1. That 6' 5" 375 pound lineman is a real moose!
2. My German Shepherd dog is a MOOSE 150 pounds!!
That Kenworth truck is a moose for size!!
by Jon64Bailey June 21, 2009
A wild animal with a dick the size of jeremys leg
Plural Meeses
by SwankHalo May 13, 2014
A person with a good face, but a bad body. It comes from hunters who mount the moose's head on their wall. The opposite of a prawn
girl 1 - look at that guys monobrow
girl 2 - but you should see him with his shirt off, he is such a moose.
by Elikay July 25, 2011
The sexiest animal known to man kind. Can be aggressive at times, and and enjoys you rubbing its rack, of antlers. This act i often called the "Moose Job."
Yo check out that Moose. I know is he not the sexiest thing you have ever seen.
by i am a mooselim October 24, 2010
A Women who is one grade lower then a slut. Just as slutty, only uglier, usually fat/geeky.
Packing pounds and guys like that she sure has become a real moose!
by MrSirDudeGuyHommieManWay August 12, 2010
A term for someone who eats a lot of food at one sitting. They can be large or small, but most often are large.
Wow why don't you eat the whole kitchen while your at it, moose!
by Nathan the Moose April 13, 2010

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