Originated by GI's in Japan. Moose is GI slang for the Japanese word Musumei which means girl. Some Japanese girls use it as slang for theri vagina.

Properly spelled Musu

My wife is Japanese this usage goes back 60 years
GI to another "You should see my little moose".
by Otiose January 30, 2008
A large defecation. Usually measuring 2 to 4 inches in diameter and 8 to 14 inches long.
Man I just let out a moose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by know the toe September 19, 2003
a slave; originating during the Koren War. Families would sell their children to work for foreigners as "moose." Sometimes the female moose had other responsibilities...
by Anonymous January 29, 2003
moose iS definitly the best game EVERRRRR. my friends and i have moose partys and just go to town and play moose all the time.
for instructions look at the definintion below.
thank yuou so much to whoever made the moosssseeee game.
i love ITTT.
a great song is moose it goes:
"da moose da moose he like to drink juice"
"da moose is swimming in the water swimming in the water where did he go where did he go he DECOMPOSED!"
MOOSE is a fantastic game
play at:
in town
with your close friends
by DA MOOSE LOVA July 10, 2006
Someone of extreme ugliness or someone you do not care for. This person will usually tend to piss the shit out of you.
Why do you have to be such a moose?
by altenation March 21, 2006
The logo of Abercrombie.
The Abercrombie shirt had a moose on it.
by Moose January 24, 2005
hugely equipped
The guy's hung like a moose.
by krimsenkat12 August 23, 2003
A large brown animal with big antlers.They reproduce by nasal sex.
Wow that animal is brown and has big antlers and is having nasal sex!It must be a MOOSE!
by freak December 20, 2003

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