The home town of Billy Charlesboy.
Up next ensemble Chief's defenseman Billy Charlesboy who hails from if I can read the card Moose Jaw Sasketchwan.
by magic pickleman August 25, 2010
Top Definition
A small city by the #1 highway in the province of Saskatchewan. Although the population is small, the city of Moose Jaw has many local attractions including the beautiful murals painted on the walls of buildings, historical city buildings, and tours. The city is also nick named "the friendly city" because of the kind residents living there and the great community. The people will gladly help you if you ever get lost.
Friend1: Hey where'd you go for your summer vacation?
Friend2: I went to Moose Jaw.
Friend1: How was it?
Friend2: I had good time down t here, it's a great place to visit!
by TheVilla July 27, 2006
When a hooker gives two or more men a blow-job at the same time, and her mouth is stuffed like a moose.
Joe and his two friends got moose jawed!
by N8E June 23, 2005
A word used to describe a relatively wide and wet vagina which would look similar to the inside of a moose's mouth. Would be used as an insult directed to a female who is a whore, a slut, fat, or simply has a wide vagina.
"That moosejaw has definitely been pounded more than once!"
"You don't wanna sleep with Emma, she has a can fist her and she wouldn't feel a thing!"
by I don cah September 30, 2011
when a guy wears tight pants and his package shows through............ baisically a male camel toe
hahaha zack has moose jaw.......
by big bubba cell 319 November 21, 2009
Similar to lockjaw, a painful cramping of the jaw caused by the continual sucking and repetitive up and down motion of giving a blowjob. Usually caused by a large and girthy penis, known as a mooseknuckle.
Oh my god, his dick was so big, sucking him off gave me the worst case of moosejaw.
by John Palumbo November 09, 2007
Is another nickname for Franklin Deleno Roosevelt. It is because of his large jaw.
Ol' moose jaw got us out of the depression
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 16, 2004
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