one of Shannon Moore's (wrestler) signature moves
Damn, he did the Mooregasm and got the three count!
by Snu-ggg December 13, 2010
Top Definition
The climax of sexual arousal during heated sex with a Brazilian chick
"Dude where have you been?" "oh, just experience a Mooregasm in the back of my car" "mmmaaaattttteeeeeee you scored" *fist bumps eachother*
by cuntofthefucker September 07, 2014
A feeling of revulsion, can be used after any disgusting or disturbing event.
I just saw your sister naked, i spent the next 5 minutes having a mooregasm, it was horrible!
by Moorejam March 27, 2009
A Mooregasm is a sexual feeling you get after watching Michael Moore movies such as Farenheit 911.
AAH! God DAMMIT! I just had a Mooregasm!
by Blue Virus June 04, 2005
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