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What one may call a young adolescent girl--- that has about 5 stalkers after them. The Moor Ghermezi girls are identified to have small hands, small feet, and bleached hair. You can usually find a Sepand Mashiahof near Moor Ghermezi girls, trying to get a whiff of their hair. The Moor Ghermezi Syndrome is something found in girls who suddenly want to make their hair look like the hair of the woman in the 30% bigger tic tacs commercial. They also become obsessed with Deviant art and become friends with midget-like females known as Rivka Lapins to modern scientists today. Moor Ghermezi's are out of touch and are slow to realize if there is a hand an inch away from their face. The Moor Ghermezi can be cured if burned mandrake roots are mixed in red bleach and cooked for 73 days.
Moor Ghermezi: Mom, all of a sudden my hands got small! And there's this creepy nerd who keeps following me!
Mom: Oh dear! Mahbod get the mandrake!
by MalibuSeppy July 26, 2004
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