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from "Seinfeld", the "Moops" were the nation that conquered Spain & gave it the twinge of Islamic architecture seen to this day, according to the card George was reading from when playing Trivial Pursuit against the "Bubble Boy". Bubble Boy insisted, quite rightly, of course, that the answer was "Moors", but George being the prick that he was, wouldn't give him credit for the answer. The townspeople later drove out the fiendish George & Jerry for their mistreatment of the Bubble Boy.
Bubble Boy: It was the Moors! The MOORS!

George: No, I'm sorry, it was the Moops. The card clearly says, "Moops".
by FunkyBumpkin May 02, 2005
This would be the name of your mom if you dont like using the word "mom" and are looking for something a bit different and a word to create some emotional distance yet personalized for that family member in the mother's role. This word is highly appropriate if your "mom" does not take good care of herself and is mostly on the grouchy side.
Hey Moop, what's going on?

Moop, what do you think we need to do about the trip this summer?
by txguy September 18, 2011
The cutest thing you could ever imagine; something you think is adorable.
My boyfriend is a moop.
I love you, moop.
Awww babe, you're a Moop.
by Bunnylove1 April 08, 2011
1) When you are feeling like utter shit, but are in a situation where u can't say Shit or any other word you ACTUALLY would say in it's place!

2) Complete Mopeyness

3) Feeling Down

Can add other nonsense words on the end to give it a real shitty boost.... Note: Using "Moop" on it's own along with a real "feeling sorry for myself" facial expression will be more effective at getting sympathy!!
I'M NOT DOWN....I'M WORSE THAN DOWN {long pause} i'm totally moop today!!
by Kimberlegggg January 20, 2011
Moop is a slang word, somewhat an oxymoron, it has connotations of being disheartened or upset, Often used to commiserate someone when their situation is a negative one.

created by Janine Whitehead, of Blackburn, UK
i can't go out drinking tonight, my shift has changed im in first thing this morning' - 'moop
by Robert kavanagh November 17, 2010
a codeword for fuck.
What the moop?

This mooping soup is cold.

God she is such a fat moop.

by izzzyaustin November 10, 2010
A greeting used by eastern European homosexuals.
Bob: "Moop, lets go to a gay bar."
Stan: "Moop, OK."
by frank murphy September 16, 2009
pertaining to a cute, dorky significant other.
annie: i wanna a sloth! **thumbs up**
matt: oh, you're such a moop.
by anndizack June 07, 2009