from "Seinfeld", the "Moops" were the nation that conquered Spain & gave it the twinge of Islamic architecture seen to this day, according to the card George was reading from when playing Trivial Pursuit against the "Bubble Boy". Bubble Boy insisted, quite rightly, of course, that the answer was "Moors", but George being the prick that he was, wouldn't give him credit for the answer. The townspeople later drove out the fiendish George & Jerry for their mistreatment of the Bubble Boy.
Bubble Boy: It was the Moors! The MOORS!

George: No, I'm sorry, it was the Moops. The card clearly says, "Moops".
by FunkyBumpkin May 02, 2005
A derpy or uncool loser that is usually very unattractive.
The junior high is filled with moops.
by Bananarama R. April 09, 2015
A derpy or uncool loser that is usually very unattractive.
The junior high is filled with moops.
by Bananarama R. April 09, 2015
n. any of a species of greasy-haired, pedophilic co-worker who invents stories about a fictitious life, makes jokes so bad your eyes run, and is generally incompetent, but suspiciously still employed.
"That guy brought down the entire development server for the third time today and now he's having lunch with the boss. He must be a real moop!"
by moop_go_boom March 25, 2010
term used to describe an awesome party, person, or act.
1. You are such a moop.
2. Do you moop?
3. I moop everyday, anyday.
4. He was such an anti-moop.
5. Remember mooping last summe?! We need to have a Moopfest 2010!
by Jake the Moopster March 13, 2010
The mixture of excrement and mud on the floor of a Johnny-On-The-Spot, especially found at rainy festivals.
1. I went to the bathroom and sat my purse right in a patch of moop.
2. Under the tent at the festival, there was a stench that made us all wonder if what we were walking in was not mud, but actually moop.
by PopeDarren September 16, 2008
a word that can be used in any situation, much like the word "Fuck"

where you might say "Fuck that" you could say "Moop that" but moop is in no way a replacement of fuck, it is more like a random word that can be put in any sentence to make it more interesting, while still making sence
moop (as a greating)

stop mooping around, your making the house look moopy

I mooped myself infront of everyone the other day

thats mooping rediculous

once apon a time, a dog mooped a cat

thats a mooping large donkey

moop you too

i'd rather it if you didnt moop all over me

where the moop did you find that

stop mooping in your pants

this room is full of too much moop

moop (as an answer to something you don't know an answer to)

thats a mooping fine chicken

hmmm, moop

sally mooped harry

you lost your sence of moop

that haircut looks totally moop (possitive)

that haircut looks totally moop (negative)

lets go moop your mum

that bastard just mooped me

you are such a moop

thats enough mooping examples

someone mooped my ass

that is so unmooping
by samuel and joseph February 21, 2007
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