from "Seinfeld", the "Moops" were the nation that conquered Spain & gave it the twinge of Islamic architecture seen to this day, according to the card George was reading from when playing Trivial Pursuit against the "Bubble Boy". Bubble Boy insisted, quite rightly, of course, that the answer was "Moors", but George being the prick that he was, wouldn't give him credit for the answer. The townspeople later drove out the fiendish George & Jerry for their mistreatment of the Bubble Boy.
Bubble Boy: It was the Moors! The MOORS!

George: No, I'm sorry, it was the Moops. The card clearly says, "Moops".
by FunkyBumpkin May 02, 2005
1. derogatory v. To copy en mass for the purpose of teasing. mass copycat. Used by kids in combination with a palm-down jab of the outstretched fingers into a soft part of the body in an effort to make the victim cry.

2. derogatory n. a person who has been copied by everyone as a form of mockery.
"HAHA You've been mooped!" *JAB* "Whatcha gonna do? Cry about it?" *JAB*

*sob* "You're all wearing my shirt! I can't believe you fuckers mooped me." *sob*
by BFR May 16, 2007
n. an unnaturally oversized bowel movement when, shown to others, will garner a range of responses from praise to outright revulsion
"Dude! You gotta check out this moop I just dropped. It's gotta be a new record!
by monkeys_paw June 30, 2006
Something such as saying "dammit!" or "shit!" Moop is used as a term that means something negative. Or if you're just bored and feel like babbling.
Aww, moop, my cat exploded!
by SpaceWhale November 10, 2004
The Mud that lies on the bottom of a creek bed. Characteristics - slimy or chunky (one or the other, and never with rocks), like clay, but has the smell of shit or shite.

When spoken, used in replacement of any noun, verb or adjective.
Gary, Pat and Rory are going to play in some moop.

Gary is a Mooposourous

Pat is in deep moop

by Roderic O'Connor November 02, 2004
a self-loathing depressant that lives in the basement of an Asylum(
Wow, that guys a real moop.
by CRSR April 16, 2004
All life in existence and then some.
That's a moop.
by m00p December 05, 2003
Massive Poop or to massivly poop
Did you see that moop in the toilet, it was bigger than my head

by Robert Atkinson March 20, 2006

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