A term used to describe when your face looks particulary fat and pale, either in a photograph or otherwise.
Wooah, I've got some serious moomin going on there!

Moomin alert!
by ungoverned March 26, 2009
A comical term given to Gay people.
An alternative to using the word queer so that it can be said openly in public without raising eyebrows or causing offence.

"It's full of bloody Moomins in here!"
by Rusty Member December 22, 2006
A strange and extremely rare group of cow/hippos that used 2 hang around with a girl that looked like she was on acid.

Or a dipsy/forgetful person
Woah ull never guess what i just saw? A flying moomin!

Claire ur such a bloody moomin!
by Denny's l'il sis September 09, 2004
a black dressed, pale unhygienic being who believes themselves atractive because of the dim witted emos which he doth asosiate himself with. with black teeth and a stench resembling that of an deceased anus (belonging to a man aplicted with loose bowel syndrome), he scares even the most battle hardened of war veterans. so scary even chuck norris turned down the challange of bringin this foul beast in for extermination.
"jesus bastard christ its moomin!"

"has anyone trod in shit?"

"put it down timmy you dont know where its been!"

"is your mother proud of you?"
by moomins_r_gay August 24, 2007
1)Cartoon creature from back in the day. 2)Kathryn, lives in Fulbourn, often found in DeNiro's, Newmarket. Also see bugger-lugs.
Kathryn looks like a moomin - she bugger-lugs!!
by Seb September 10, 2003
Well,this is a special kind of animal that goes MOO, and the animal is also known as the magical cow of moomin land.
this is a thing that is fat, called a moomin
by MR VIKING December 23, 2005
a person who has no perception on reality
by Jamesy February 12, 2003

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