a derogatory term for just any person. Used to replace the N word
Aw that mookie just robbed me!
by bojzzle March 10, 2005
An individual with an abnormally large 'unit' that is able to give himself oral pleasure.
If I could only be a mookie, I would never leave my room.
by G-Dawg March 05, 2004
when you fart and crap your pants
My bro was at walmart and he mookied. His eyez got all wide and i asked him. What did you do mookie And he was all like yes and ran to the bathroom. It was funnier than heck.
by Adriana January 24, 2004
Mookie is a slang term for 'feces' or 'Poo' or 'Dung dung'
'Dude you smell like mookie'
by Richard Prior November 10, 2004
the opposite of a males tookie fo shookie
Will you play with my mookie if I play with your tookie?

Oh ya fo shookie!
by Lee Lee November 19, 2003
Noun: A pedophile. someone who attracted to, or has had sex with someone who is underage of 18. Regardless of sexuality.
(1)R. Kelly is and will always be a mookie.
by Crazy Kai Sunshine June 22, 2005
A plastic toy that can hold sperm inside
My boyfriend gave me a mookie so we don't have to have sex every night
by SiXuChiC October 17, 2003
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