1.) adj. - A painful pinch you must give to your numbugery little brother when you jynx him and he speaks. (Angry Beavers - Episode 20)

2.) adj. - Used to describe a log of poop, mainly a comical poo log capable of articulating to everyone, but usually doesn't so people think the poo's friends are insane. (
Norbert and Dagget (in unison): Ha-ha! Got mine first! The evil plutonium bad warlord guy person lets lose the vermin-infested mucus of a bazillion intergalactic loogies!
Dagget: Hey! We said the same thing at the same time!!
Norbert: A-posoluto! And you know what that means...
Dagget: Ehhhhh...ah..er-
Norbert: 1,2,3 hobba pit 2, we said something at the same time so I jynx you!
Dagget: Jynx me!? Whaddya talkin' about jynxin'?
Norbert: From now on the first beaver who talks gets a MOOOKIE pinch!
Dagget: A 'mookie' pinch?
Norbert (Creeping towards Dagget): MOOOOOOKIE!!!!
(Series of classic Dagget pain noises.)

Mr.Mackey - A fecaphiliac is somebody who's obsessed with mookie stinks, Kyle.
Kyle - Mookie stinks?
Mr.Mackey - Now I also understand that you're Jewish, is that right, Kyle?
(skip some conversation...)
(Mr.Hankey is now bathing in Mr.Mackey's coffee...)
Mr.Mackey - Right now you're nuttier than Chinese chicken salad..mmkay...
I mean you're one screwed-up little kid...do you understand? So try and stay positive, stay away from drugs and alcohol-and in the meantime (looks into his cup) I'm gonna put you on a heavy regiment of prozac. (gasps) Uhh!! Oh my God you sick little monkey!!
by cathrynRules February 10, 2004
monkey like, abnormal agility and facial expressions. he makes squawking noises and can eat an apple faster than any living mook. don't confuse this creature with Chris Kattan, though very similar in stature, they aren't the same person. will eat 6 of any pill, anytime.
mookie L, quit jumping around like a monkey and design me a city.
by simon July 03, 2003
not a cookie, not a muffin. a hybrid of both
Will purchased a dozen mookies and ate them like a fat kid in a bakery store.
by mook September 24, 2003
n. mucus encrusted at the corner of the eye; (also eye-mookie)
At dawn, she rolled over and rubbed the mookies from her eyes.
by Dave Shulman February 11, 2004
thats so awsome and i hate you so go away
that is so mookie of you
by jesse the man March 23, 2003
a derogatory term for just any person. Used to replace the N word
Aw that mookie just robbed me!
by bojzzle March 10, 2005
A really really light brown piece of fecal matter. Usually caused by consuming a large amount of Chinese and Mexican food. Also known for its rank odor. Often confused with diarreah.
by zeh mookie master August 14, 2005

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