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a real nigga, a guy located in Miami, someone referred as real, a savage,and or goon someone famous
dam dat nigga mookie real a fuck, dat young nigga mookie go ham.
by young slida July 27, 2010

~1. A TV Remote Control.
Babe, where's the Mookie ?
by keezey (made popular by Lu) June 11, 2010
A guy's nickname.
Mookie Blaylock. Mookie Wilson.
by Mook and the Bones October 27, 2008
Someone you can never get over because they just stay there forever and you don't know whether you can ever get over them. You can never tell if you like him or not and it hurts.
I still don't never if I like Mookie or not.
by 123456789 987654321 May 21, 2008
It's not a muffin. It's not a cookie. It'a a mookie.
A muffin made with cookie dough.
I made mookies for all my friends and we threw them a teachers.
by Melanie January 14, 2004
a cat that thinks they are a dog
That mookie rolls over and plays dead
by Taki June 27, 2003
Mookie is a word u can use 2 call sum body for any reason.
this words been around taupo for a few years now in our group, so not over used, in is 1 of those words u make up wen ur on d piss, n if ur frm tpo n u aint heard u aint wit it mayn. Easily used wen u dnt want d person 2 know u dnt like thm
1. Chur mookie-as in chur bro, cuz wateva
2. Wat a mookie-as in wat a dik
by Stompn' on 20z September 18, 2009