prounouce: mook-ee

-noun; plural: mookies
1. a cookie with milk

origin: circa 2000, literally a combination of the words milk+cookie; moo also refers to cows which produce milk
Robert always tends to have a craving for mookies around midnight.
by Phoenixrpr January 30, 2010
(moo k-ee) n.
A crumb/piece of cookie that one would see remaining at the bottom of a cup after having consumed cookies and milk.
RODNEY: These cookies are delicious but I can't snack at my wicked mookies.
JOSEPH: Such a circumstance would be regrettable, dawg.

Karen loves to eat cookies and milk. She can't stand it however, when she is unable reach mookie morsels stuck to the bottom of the cup. This is why Karen often resorts to the use of finger scoopage when munching mookies. This technique is frowned upon by the larger part of cookie aficionados.
by Mack B. May 22, 2008
Someone you can never get over because they just stay there forever and you don't know whether you can ever get over them. You can never tell if you like him or not and it hurts.
I still don't never if I like Mookie or not.
by 123456789 987654321 May 21, 2008
The term Mookie comes from the Spike Lee movie, "Do the Right Thing". There are many definitions of the term Mookie.
The most popular ones are as follows:

1. triflin ass man who is lazy and doesn't take care of his responsibilities, (i.e. his rent payments, his job, HIS KIDS)

2. a fine ass man who looks extremely sexy

3. a term of endearment

4. an adjective to describe a triflin man or woman
1. Damn, Malcolm is such a mookie. Did you know he's a baby daddy and he doesn't pay child support?

2. Oh mah damn, that is one fine lookin man over there, now that's a mookie.

3. Oh mookie, you know I love you.

4. He is being so mookie right now. He fell asleep at work again after he showed up late.
by Sista Curves & B Money September 20, 2010
a real nigga, a guy located in Miami, someone referred as real, a savage,and or goon someone famous
dam dat nigga mookie real a fuck, dat young nigga mookie go ham.
by young slida July 27, 2010
A Caucasian man with light skin that tans to a dark complexion after 1 day in the sun. Mookie is a generic name of African origin that is assigned to a person with this skin type
Hey Mookie you just have to look at the sun and you turn black
by The Muthafuckin C-Dawg December 02, 2009
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