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monkey like, abnormal agility and facial expressions. he makes squawking noises and can eat an apple faster than any living mook. don't confuse this creature with Chris Kattan, though very similar in stature, they aren't the same person. will eat 6 of any pill, anytime.
mookie L, quit jumping around like a monkey and design me a city.
by simon July 03, 2003
To be soft towards someone or something that you care about.

(mookish, mookely, mookie)
The guy looked at his girlfriend with a mookie expression because he adored her.

The man looked at his girlfriend in a mookish fashion.

Why is he looking at me all mookely?
by Kandace February 01, 2007
An strong, independent, sexy woman who enjoys being hugged, smooched and loved on.
That Mookie sure is smoochable.
by The Real Mookie November 15, 2009
a dog that is abnormally cute.
LOOK at that mookie! He is dancing!!
by alexis amato December 19, 2006
One who is Boisterous, fearless, and always ready for a fight; not somebody you should mess with
Everybody's scared of her, she fights like a Mookie.
by Taterm6x February 22, 2014
after adding american tobacco to a bowl of weed, you take a fat snap. once/if/when the mookie bowl is inhaled, the lucky smoker begins the journey, fuck it. so you've inhaled the smoke, you're feeling that overwhelming sense of light-headed-ness and euphoria- now your on mookie island
Bridget: Hey bro you want a snap of this mokie?

Bro: Idk what the fuck a mokie is but I'm down for a mookie bowl, that shit gets me Faaaaded
by mooks on mooks on mooks November 23, 2011
A Term for The Most Beautiful/Perfect Girl In The World
Hi Mookie , god You're Hot
by BLUE September 28, 2004
breasts, boobies.
"wow, she has big mookies!"
by milly the unicorn January 30, 2010