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a mole: marijuana + tobacco (if you know what's good, american spirit)
after adding american spirit to a batch of herb, you take a fat shnap. once/if/when the mole is inhaled, the lucky smoker begins the journey, fuhl it. so you've inhaled the smoke, you're feeling that overwhelming sense of light-headed-ness and euphoria - Mookie Island. At first, the feeling is alarming (some of those first timers will yak...some will not such as MC, CM). nothing matters because you're swimming. as you swim, you approach the shores of mookie island, you breathe, you breathe again, and it feels fucking good. you feel the sand, you're almost there. you keep going and yes, you're there. i hope that was fun, that's my life.
by madishplau December 16, 2010

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