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A quiet little town with cute little shops and a low crime rate. People complain about what Montrose has to offer, but never mention the fact it is conveniently located 20 minutes from Binghamton, New York and 30 minutes from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Montrose is a great place to raise a family. It is a secure, safe town with friendly people and barely any traffic. Montrose has low pollution rates, trails to bike or hike, lakes, a great outdoors scene in general, and many little festivals like the Blueberry Festival and the Chocolate and Wine festival. The only downfall of Montrose are the young haters who think they belong in Cali ( more like Jersey). If they don't like Montrose, then leave. Surprise surprise, they can't, because they wasted their highschool education getting drunk, getting high, getting abortions, and writing bunk rhymes. Or, they are just plan lazy.
Montrose, PA is the perfect place to raise a family. It is nestled inbetween two cities, and people who work hard either towards a satisfying career or towards an education can find jobs in areas with a low cost of living. Montrose has a lot to offer if you have a little imagination and a little bit of energy.

Overall, Montrose is a nice town with nice people, but everywhere you go you will run into the occasionally "my life sucks because of Montrose, not because I'm a loser."

(i.e the previous definition about Montrose was written by one of these haters who probably can't remember the last time they read a book)
by TheTruthMatters January 09, 2011
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