a team that will soon leave Montreal
The Expos have no fans, no money, no players (bye, Vlad), but still are competitive.
by Baseballer March 28, 2004
Top Definition
Canada's first and favorite baseball team.
Better than the 'Jays'.
Better all-around club.
Expos--->a good orphan
Jays--->a spoiled rich chunky child
by eggbert December 23, 2003
Oops, they dont exist.
gone to washington, wat a shame...
by hhhhh October 03, 2004
An extinct major League Baseball team that once played at Olympic Stadium in the beautiful city of Montreal.

Montreal is by far a better city than Toronto and the Expos desbite opperating on a fraction of the budget as the Blue Jays still produced interesting and respectable teams. Unfortunately the strike in 1994 pissed off a lot of Montrealers and the team lost their fan base. Many people also blame the inadequate stadium for their demise.

However you look at it, The Expos were a great asset to a great city and it is too bad Montreal has lost that dimension. Nevertheless Toronto is still full of worthless moneygrabing bastards and they will never have a city as cool as Montreal no matter what they do.
Lets go to the big O and see the Montreal Expos beat the shit out of the Braves.
by Scruff McDuff September 26, 2006
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