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An extinct major League Baseball team that once played at Olympic Stadium in the beautiful city of Montreal.

Montreal is by far a better city than Toronto and the Expos desbite opperating on a fraction of the budget as the Blue Jays still produced interesting and respectable teams. Unfortunately the strike in 1994 pissed off a lot of Montrealers and the team lost their fan base. Many people also blame the inadequate stadium for their demise.

However you look at it, The Expos were a great asset to a great city and it is too bad Montreal has lost that dimension. Nevertheless Toronto is still full of worthless moneygrabing bastards and they will never have a city as cool as Montreal no matter what they do.
Lets go to the big O and see the Montreal Expos beat the shit out of the Braves.
by Scruff McDuff September 26, 2006
Canada's first and favorite baseball team.
Better than the 'Jays'.
Better all-around club.
Expos--->a good orphan
Jays--->a spoiled rich chunky child
by eggbert December 23, 2003
Oops, they dont exist.
gone to washington, wat a shame...
by hhhhh October 03, 2004
a team that will soon leave Montreal
The Expos have no fans, no money, no players (bye, Vlad), but still are competitive.
by Baseballer March 28, 2004