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Montgomery County Community College, located in Montgomery County Maryland with campuses in Rockville, Germantown and Silver Spring. The "college" claims to have a mission statement of endless opportunities. But like most community colleges the "college" is designed to suck money out of their students by forcing them to take classes that are non credit bearing. The school will make you take an accuplacer exam that is almost impossible pass with a high score to be able to place in college level courses. The test is claimed to express what reading and math level your on but in return most scores will come back to "prove" you are not a on college reading and/or math level. Even if you make the claim to your counselor that you were in Honors English or Calculus in high school they will go back to your scores claiming they are too low and your dumb. The college mainly craters to University rejects of Montgomery County. But also caters to others slums of neighboring counties such as Fredrick, PG County and others in southern maryland. Even though mostly all the people that go to MC (most commonly referred) come from low income housing and are all on some sort of financial aid the administration still enforces these perquisite classes that mostly teach you basic information most commonly taught in middle schools and elementary schools with a cost.
Person: Where do you go to School?
MC Kid: I go to school at Montgomery County Community College.
Person: How's that?
MC Kid: Its awful I am placed in a reading class that is non credit bearing and the cost is 500 dollars with a 200 dollar book made by MC.
Person: But wait, you were in Honors English with me in 12th grade why are you in Reading?
MC Kid: My accuplacer said I'm not smart enough to take college level english.
Person: Dude, that sucks
MC Kid: I know I'm borderline suicidal

Person: ....
MC Kid: =(
by honestyhurtsyou January 16, 2013

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