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After hooking up with a female, you leave her room the next morning no later than 8 AM and proceed with your work.
Dude, he pulled a Montana on her last night - left her room at 6:30 in the morning and was doing his particle physics problem set by 7.
by JSRosen3 March 13, 2010
6 18
A 'Montana' is a woman who is both large and unappealing socially as well.
She's big, and nobody wants to go there. She is truly a Montana
by aselfishperson June 10, 2011
2 19
A place where men are men and sheep are scared
"Grab the duct tape, Ned's comin' with the velcro gloves again!" - a daily quote by every sheep on Ned's farm in Montana
by MAC DADDY K August 14, 2007
63 83
salami (as in the ham) sort of like a sausage but not quite.
Looks like a man, and talks like a man and sounds like a man.... Is a man!!!
"omg she's such a montana!!"
*girl walks past*
"omg, montana or what?"
by notebook101 October 17, 2009
3 24
(1) A state in the USA that is by Idaho, Wyoming, etc. Montana is typically warm and sunny in the summer (in most areas) and snowy in the winters. A rather boring state that is considered a "hick town," in many areas.

(2) A guy who is named after the state, but doesn't live in Montana. He's cute, skinny and cool.
(1) Mike- "Damn man I'm bored, what should we do?!"

Tom- "The fuck if I know! We live in Montana remember?!"

(2) Kelly- "Who's that bad ass guy over there?"

Lindsay- "That must be Montana..."
by Anonymous5555556 July 07, 2011
3 28
Prime dental floss growing country
I might be movin' to Montana soon just to raise me up a crop of dental floss
by EmperorPilaf88 January 18, 2008
35 60
the most boring state which is the most forgettable state in the united states, where hillbilly's and mormons build their sheds on the mountain tops and heard goat and buffalo. You usually never hear about it. As well lacks many food places like subway and popeyes and their is a McDonalds every 2 miles rather than 1 mile everywhere else in the world.
john: hey I'm headed to montana
Kyle: HA! Don't die of boredom
by joeman145 October 08, 2011
8 35