A state where only the western part matters, and there is alot to do outdoors.
Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, and much more.
However, it has become over populated with rich snobby Californians and Texans who need to go back to where they came. They should stop building their giant houses in which some only live in two weeks out of the year.
Please leave Montana if your not a local, cause we all hate you here!
Montanian- I use to like Montana, now all the California and Texas assholes ruined the place with their dumbass hummers, condos, and their shitty personalities.
by Idolvia December 27, 2008
A large rural state that shares its name with Hannah Montana; the most worthless preppie pop culture star since the Olsen Twins, ironically it is noted as being exceptionally boring but is still more entertaining than Hannah Montana.
Hannah Montana is less interesting than Montana. This will change when she grows up and begins making lude videos with the Olsen Twins.
by Styxhexenhammer December 29, 2009
An awesome friend. This is the kind of girl you can trust! Really beautiful, and loved by her friends. Team girl! She can be really random and crazy but still is loved.
That bitch is the exact opposite of Montana.
by a bunny killer December 28, 2014
The big MT placed that used to be a paradise until ruined by pretty people assholes from Michigan, California, Massachusetts and Vermont. It is flat, cold, remote, hostile and we hate wolves.
T-shirt in MT

"Montana Sucks - Now Go Home and Tell All Your Friends"
by alpino March 29, 2010
Hand job through your pants
This girl was on the phone with her boyfriend crying while giving me a Montana.
by fonzy bruh man November 17, 2010
high quality paint
Heather Spence: hey guys I got some new montanas
Sam Sharp: lets go bombing!
by PhatKhat September 26, 2006
when a guy and a girl go off for some alone time without telling anyone
I saw Jake and Erica in Montana!!
by joetheladiesman September 11, 2010

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