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A person who looks like the majority of women from Montana. This stems from the fact that the instant you cross over the border into montana, the attractiveness of the female population instantly decreases. Therefore, someone who is a ten in Montana is a five in other states. Or a three. Probably a one.
Broseph: "Hey, dude, did you go out with that chick you met on eHarmony?"

Brohommed: "Yeah, but her profile pic was fake, she was a total Montana Ten."

Broseph: "Lol! Are you going to see her again?"

Brohommed: "F**k that, I'm not going to even talk to her"
#ten #rate #ugly #montana #one
by Crims0nSamurai August 05, 2011
A girl in Montana that is a Ten, is a 7 everywhere else. So she's bangable, but not the most attractive girl. But still the most attractive girl from Montana you will find is a Montana Ten.
Was she hot?
She was a Montana Ten.
Well I guess you could still go for her.
I will but I am not going to Montana State next year.
#montana #montana ten #rating girls #dime #montana 10
by SaltyTine April 05, 2015
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