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the reference of taking a big wad of crap
chad:oh shit!!
george:wats wrong!!
chad:im about to drop the load
chad walks into the bathroom............
chad:dude that monster just came right out my ass!
by TAT1azn November 01, 2008
a girl/guy that is acting crazy or wild, similiar to a monster

someone you are dating
He was such a monster, running around the party like a lunatic asking every girl for her number.
by Joy Gendzel February 10, 2005
The best energy drink ever made
It's like redbull on crack
College Student/IB Student drug of choice.
"So, in the past 3 days I've had 3 hours of sleep and 9 Monsters, which is the only reason i'm currently functioning"
by Minnie Mouse On Crack September 26, 2007
The nickname of former CART-champ and current F1 racer, Juan Pablo Montoya.
Monster just ran into Schumey for the umteenth time!
by Sean Brian Kirby June 04, 2003
the best song ever by skillet
person1: dude whats the best song youve ever heard? person2: monster by skillet. duh.
by ashley8u2 March 13, 2010
Someone who continually chats up females around the work area, particularly when they are older or younger than them.
That Jamie is a total monster
by markoz November 14, 2007
An energy drink that looks like piss and tastes like shit. The only reason people drink it is to improve their image.

It's also funny how the people who drink Monster(an energy drink mind you)spend most of their time on sitting on their ass.
I drink Monster therefore I must be really cool. (Drinks the soda) Now I have enough energy to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.
by Coolman McCool October 27, 2008
a white pussy zit you cant help but stare at on someones face.
that guys monster was so large I was embarrased that I could not stop looking at the thing,
by Pink Pop November 01, 2005