the reference of taking a big wad of crap
chad:oh shit!!
george:wats wrong!!
chad:im about to drop the load
chad walks into the bathroom............
chad:dude that monster just came right out my ass!
by TAT1azn November 01, 2008
{adjective}: A term used to describe an act or an individual that is badass, hardcore, gnarly, ill, savage, or rad.
"That jump was so monster!"

"Keep it monster, man"
by noniG December 21, 2009
A delicious energy drink that makes you feel good but harms you body :0
Joey:Can I have some of that.?

Chirss:My monster energy drink?
by Araceliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii June 14, 2009
1) Creepy things that scare the bajeebuhs out of me
2) It lives under my bed
3) It only comes out at night when others are trying to sleep but can't because of the monster that frightens the gajoombas out them
4) Another word for Clown
5) Some one buttfugley
6) Some one who is called monster and does monstering sorts of things
OH my god you monter! First you eat my children and then my arm. You really are a monster you monstering monster monster.
by Madcow9889 December 21, 2003
Dudeeee, there was no red bull for the jagerbombs so i got some monster?
Bro, don't worry, we'll use my dogs fermented piss and vomit instead, its at least 5 times better
by franco101 August 20, 2009
1) Commercial energy drink, much like red bull or rockstar, but with somewhat of a smoother taste

2) A very scary, albeit imaginary creature

3) Someone who truly should not be called human, such as Mengele, Charles Manson, etc.
1. Dudee, I'm really craving a monster right about now...


3. Does someone like a Nazi doctor need an example?
by B10NDO April 16, 2009
An energy drink of superb taste.
The best energy drink ever;
A drink worthy enough to be addicted to. It's like God made this energy drink himself.
John: Holy shit dude, I'm addicted to Monster.
Shianne: JOHHHHHNNN!!! I can have a Monster for $1?
Wolfgang: Dude John, you and Shianne are addicted.
John: It's like God made this beverage himself!
by K-o-Leeeeeeeeeee March 03, 2009

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