the reference of taking a big wad of crap
chad:oh shit!!
george:wats wrong!!
chad:im about to drop the load
chad walks into the bathroom............
chad:dude that monster just came right out my ass!
by TAT1azn November 01, 2008
An energy drink that tastes like shit, but 95% of teenagers think it's cool to drink and collect the tabs. Honestly, it's not even good. Don't think you're hardcore for drinking it, don't think it's cool. People usually drink them so they'll have "energy", or to get hyper. Afterwards you crash.
Monster sucks.
Along with Monster, we also have RockStar, Full Throttle, Lost, Red Bull, BooKoo.
Boy 1 : Monster's my favorite energy drink.
Boy 2 : Monster's terrible dude, it's so poser.
by sayrah go rawhrr February 10, 2008
A fat kid, that is abnormaly obese.
Holy shit Kyle, Your a Monster!
by big warren November 05, 2003
noun; from the latin monstorious; my little black cat Beans
"Damn it Beans, stop biting me! You're a monster!"
by carrie July 26, 2004
a tall volleyball player named steph cao
Monster got 11 kills today!!
by aLiCeMaLiCe June 03, 2003
Enormous Breasts
Look at the monsters on her, they cannae be real!
by Magnus Pike July 01, 2004
a massive penis. 14" is a rough average for a monster.
Look at the size of lou's monster!
by Jack Grayson February 08, 2005

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