the reference of taking a big wad of crap
chad:oh shit!!
george:wats wrong!!
chad:im about to drop the load
chad walks into the bathroom............
chad:dude that monster just came right out my ass!
by TAT1azn November 01, 2008
a white pussy zit you cant help but stare at on someones face.
that guys monster was so large I was embarrased that I could not stop looking at the thing,
by Pink Pop November 01, 2005
alien abduction - an alien abducted by earthlings, rather than the other way round ( an earthling abducted by aliens )
" my neice Isabel has just given birth to a monster - she has performed an alien abduction "
by bluescreenbastard October 01, 2005
When referring to taking a hit of bud.
Damn bro, that was a fuckin nasty monster hit!
by Dennis March 19, 2004
A promotion on Party Poker that takes extra rake from cash games and puts it into the prize pool of a huge donkament to be held over Memorial Day Weekend of 2007. Whinging among cash game players is commonplace because of the money it is costing them. Donkeys like the Monster because donkeys like jackpots. Tournament players like the Monster because they are the recipients of all the free money from the cash game players. Despite threats to move to Pokerstars, traffic on Party Poker is as strong as ever.
50 cents of monster rake out of a 5 dollar pot in 100NL? That's insane. Why does anyone play these tables?
by dave090906 September 10, 2006
The ugliest fatest fucking girl alive and one that has the biggest/nicest boobs I have ever seen. But luckily she cleans up well.
Steven and Monster should go have ganex with each other.
by Monster hater February 21, 2005
The highest quality audio and video cables available on the market.
His home theater system was wired with Monster Cable.
by Krame Dart December 10, 2003
A weed eater.
-"Did you hear Joey is a fucking dank monster?" -"Yeah nibbles that shit like chewing tobacco, teacher told him 'spit out the gum' n he ran out the door and hasn't been back to the class in a month." -"Shit.."
by Smackster September 30, 2003

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