Also known as "Monster Paws."

1.) A term coined by singer Lady GaGa after the release of her song, "Bad Romance," in which she demonstrates a Michael Jackson a la "Thriller" hand motion. It is formed by spacing the fingers apart and contorting them, as if mocking the claw of an animal, or - more fittingly - a monster.

2.) A hand sign often displayed at Lady GaGa concerts by fans in which they mirror the aforementioned action.
1.) GaGa flashes her Monster Claws when she hangs up on Beyonce in the music video for "Telephone."

2.) When she was live in Chicago, GaGa yelled at the crowd to "get those claws up, monsters! I wanna see your monster claws!"
by Patrykowski21 March 13, 2010
Top Definition
The international symbol of the singer Lady Gaga. The symbol allows fellow monsters to reconize each other wherever they are. The symbol was made famous in the video Bad Romance. The monster claw symbol is done by holding your hands up and putting your fingers in a claw-like fashion.
Look that girl over there is holding up her 'monster claws' to show her support for Lady Gaga.
by LittleMonsterx1x March 18, 2010
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