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1. When 1 or more toes are longer then your big toe.
2. When a girls toes are long and hang over her sandals and look as tho she would pick up something with her feet.
Damn! look at that girl. I dont think she should be wearing sandals with that bad a case of Monkey Feet.
by BelAirBassRocker April 01, 2008
33 21
Feet that have the ability to grasp, cling, pinch, throw, scratch,pick and slap just as well as the hands.
Michelle Ward has monkey feet.
by moisttowelette April 17, 2010
15 4
An all encompassing term used to describe hairy human feet, especially feet that have hair on both the toes and the top of the feet. This type of affliction is more common among males.
He is extremely hairy - from his long hair to his monkey feet.
by California tomo December 13, 2007
15 18
Its when you have a jesus toe.
When your index toe is bigger than your big toe and it looks like it can grip things
by Shelbs April 21, 2005
7 29