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A term meaning "extremely cold" when referring to the weather, or general atmospheric temperature.
It's monkeys in here, turn up the heater.
by bopx is me November 28, 2010
3 4
A hand-rolled filtered marijuana blunt as only four to six hits remain. The blunt becomes short and stout, resembling a back shot of a druid monk with a grey afro-puff. (also pronounced "Monk-hey")
This here blunt is about to get monk-ey.
by Pablito420 November 27, 2007
1 2
dirty dirty black people
that damn monkey is standin outside of my house, im callin the cops.
by keter ping October 13, 2007
26 27
there are three groupings of simians; new world monkies, old world monkies and apes. a monkey is a simian that is not an ape. prosimians (lemurs, etc.) are not monkies either.

example species of monkies: spider monkey, macaques, baboons, marmosets, etc

example species of non-monkies: humans, chimpanzees, gibbon, lemur, gorilla, orangutang. etc.
monkey: thanks popular culture for making people think that chimpanzees (and other apes) are monkies.
by Phil the Pill September 07, 2006
22 23
a primate with a pussy
hey guys look at my monkey
by loveTheMonkey June 30, 2011
2 4
Vice....Monkey refers to an addiction or compelling desire for a person, place or thing.
He's my Monkey. My Monkey is calling. My Monkey is on my back. My Monkey wants his way.
by It's a gig March 19, 2011
3 5
one who is, or aspires to be monkeyed.
"were you a monkey last night?"
"Too right, I was as fucked as a monkey!"
by the_rorz August 05, 2009
5 7